30 Day Challenge - Day 7: My Zodiac

So day 7 seems like a fun one to write about! The question is: What is your zodiac sign and do you feel it fits your personality?

My zodiac sign is sagittarius. Yes, big surprise as I was born in mid-December. I am definitely a sagittarius.
And here is why, and these all have been found on Tumblr. I promise you, every time I see something like this, I laugh, because it is just so true.

Zodiac signs and the seven deadly sins:
♐️ Sagittarius: Wrath

We're also extremely good in bed, if you know what I mean ;)

So how about you? What's your zodiac and do you feel it really is you?


  1. I'm scorpio and that definitely fits :)

    1. What are scorpios like? :D My dad's a scorpio too and I don't know if it fits him 'cause I've never really read about scorpios!

  2. I have found things about my starsign that seem to describe me so well but at the same time I find it hard to believe that everyone born in around the same month as me could be just like me!

    1. I know right, it seems so difficult to believe :D weirdly enough a lot of sagittariuses I know are a lot like me, especially when it comes to confrontations, so I don't know. It all feels like bs to me and yet so much of it fits!
      Oh I feel so torn xD