30 Day Blog Challenge - On Being Single

Heya, found this interesting 30 day challenge on Pinterest and thought I might try it out. It's just a 30 day post challenge, so a topic for each day and do one blog post on that said topic. I might not do one every day, but I will go according to the list.

So I'll start with Day 1:
I am single, so will have to discuss that. I've been single for a while now, I tend to have really short relationships if that, and though I really do like being with someone special, I don't want to be in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. So if I don't honestly think I could survive with someone indefinitely I don't even bother starting something up; I don't think it's fair for anyone.

Anyway, I like being single. Sure it gets a tad lonely sometimes listening to all these taken people talk about their happy relationships, but no, I'm not alone. I would probably feel lonely in a relationship as well. At least at times. And okay, I don't get to hug and kiss and cuddle and whatnot with anyone, but that's mostly fine. If I feel really desperate for affection I have a big teddy bear at home willing to hug me. Sure she's a dog, but still. Warm+fuzzy+enormous = good hug.

Fine it's not as good as from a guy/girl you love, but it's enough for desperation at least!

I've been single for most of my life, so I've gotten extremely used to it. It gives a level of freedom, I wouldn't have in a relationship. Not that I couldn't deal with that, I don't need to go out and flirt with anyone, but still, it is a plus for being single. I don't need to make time for anyone, I don't need to move in with anyone (I can stay in my lovely house and enjoy my quiet alone time) and I don't need to feel guilty about having a bad day or landing in hospital - because I don't want to hurt anyone I love so having to tell something like that to a loved one is for me pretty painful.

And to be honest, I really do need my quiet alone time. Just because I'm really social and these days mostly an extravert, doesn't mean I want to spend my entire life in the company of others. Ooooh no.
Which is why I'd be perfectly content (at least for a while) in a long distance relationship. Sadly people these days don't seem to value the deep emotional connection you get with someone, if you are away from them for longer. People just want everything RIGHT NOW EVERYTHING. It's very frustrating, how are people these days to impatient that they can't wait like three months for someone? What about a year? Ooh no. It's weird in my opinion. If you love someone, you love them no matter what distance.

Yeah, I really do like being single. And I'd like being in a relationship just as much. I'm just not in a relationship. It's one those things - when you're single, you think how lovely it would be to be with someone and when you're with someone, you think how lovely it would be to be single. I don't really care either way. I'm not deprived of love in my life and I love plenty of people. Just not in a romantic way. Besides, it's kinda uncomfortable telling my dad I have a boyfriend and he's coming over (especially 'cause none of my boyfriends have been exactly "normal") so it's quite a bit easier to just not date anyone and be happy. And I am. Quite happy with my life.

......but I'd still like to meet someone wonderful, some nice guy who smiles a lot and is a geek and gets my brand of craziness.


  1. There's nothing wrong with being single, I think only staying with someone you think is right for you is a good idea. It is great you have a dog, they are sometimes the best companions at all! I am in a relationship but I still miss having a dog, ha ha!

    It is good to be happy with yourself so that you can spend time alone with yourself and be comfortable with that. :)

    1. I agree whole-heartedly! Absolutely!
      Still manage to miss having a boyfriend every once in a while :D kind of like you miss having a dog.

  2. Even if I'm more into relationships, I totally agree with the part of freedom. I am in kind of a difficult chaos time of my life AND in a relationship, which is connected to a shitload of trouble, since I just moved away from my country to have some time for myself abroad. Of course my significant other doesn't like that at all, but I just needed this freedom now.
    So I can fully understand the problems you see in that, because it's really giving a bad time to the relationship.

    1. Oh that does sound uncomfortable :/ I'm sorry you're having such troubles, but I'm sure if you two really want to be together, nothing will ever stop that from happening! Even times of being apart and having that freedom, you'll still be together physically as well again!

      I'm not really not a relationship person, I'm just really never in one :D I do like being in one, I just never find someone I'd be that interested in...

  3. Yes, the time seperated is soon to be over. It was good for myself to do this decision. I myself feel way more calm about a lot of stuff that feared me to death, before coming to Argentina to take a break from everything. Was tough for the relationship, but now that we see light at the end of the tunnel, we also realise we are really strong to keep it going.

    Okay, that is a different thing. Why would you be in a relationship with someone that you don't love? That would be nonsense in my opinion. :P

    1. Well that's really good then! I'm happy you got to do that :) I imagine you've had quite an amazing time in Argentina!

      I know right? But I know women who are in relationships just because they don't want to be single, even though they don't really love the other person. It's so sad for the guy. They're just leading them on! I would never do that.