Today's thoughts on piercings and failure

I know the title seems a bit harsh and really depressed again, but I'm feeling relatively good right now. I feel like I have something to look forward to and it's keeping me happy and satisfied without having to resort to sedatives or sleeping.

But I do keep failing at basically everything. I can't take good photos anymore, I can't draw anymore, I've never been able to sing, I'm failing in my diet (just had bacon) and thus failing at weight loss and creating actual weight gain, without getting more muscles, and my dad seems so disappointed in me every day. Probably because of the piercings but still. Oh and I fail at hair dye, my head just doesn't want to get really platinum blonde. But I will keep trying.

About piercings, I bought a couple of barbells and a ring so I'll be piercing a bit more of myself in the coming weeks. Not anything harsh, just another earring, nothing big or fancy. I'm terrified of piercing my own septum so I  will definitely NOT be doing that, but will keep to non-cartilidge areas of my body.

Oh and I've managed to have some non-failing progress on my stretching! I've stretched my right earlobe to 4 mm and the left one to 3 mm. Hoping that in a week or so, I can have the left one at 4 mm too, so that I'll be able to stretch them simultaneously rather than one after the other.

My hair dyeing process is keeping me busy too, tomorrow I'll be bleaching it again and see what happens. Probably almost nothing if memory serves right. I tend to not go whiter than piss. Serves me for having the ginger gene I suppose.

I'm also happy about the make up project, because it gives me a reason to take pictures every day and not slack like  with the photography challenge. Which btw will continue today. I hate abbreviations. And I still use them.


  1. Surely you don't fail at everything! And just out of curiosity, what kind of a camera do you have? If you only have a small digital pocket camera, then I don't really know how to take better photos... I haven't had one in years, even though my dslr camera is ancient now and I really, really need a better one!

    1. I have a Canon 500D, so I do have a really good camera - I just still haven't learned to use it properly. It's a bit of a hassle with all the manual settings, so I just use the predone settings xD
      And thank you, that's sweet of you <3 I was really depressed when I wrote this and that made me feel a lot better