Today to Tampere - again

So my journey of leaving my flat in Tampere continues, and this time with my dad. He's absolutely not happy about having to go alllll the way there and back, but he knows just as well as I do, that it has to be done at some point.
I still have all of my furniture there minus the one desk I could sell, so it's quite a load to get into our car. Thank goodness we have a relatively big car! Otherwise it wouldn't work at all!

There are a few things I need to get rid of, and those we're going to go give away at the Recycle Centre, so we don't have to bring them back to Sipoo with us without any plan of where to put them. The bookshelf and the shelf and my three chairs will be coming home with me though, and they're really bulky to get into the car so we'll see what happens...

I hope this trip goes well, and I don't need to feel quite this anxious after we've set off!

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