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The point is to tell eleven things about yourself, then answer the eleven questions given by the previous host and then ask eleven new questions. I'm skipping the tagging part just like Valopalloja Sateessa, because I think anyone should be able to do this!

11 Things about me:
1. I like getting ads in the mail, gives me something random to read
2. I love kiwi birds, I think they're really cute
3. I love snakes too, but not the venomous kind
4. I miss having a cat
5. I would never go ice swimming
6. I think yellow clothes make me look dead
7. My dad's my most important person
8. Our house is red
9. I like living in the countryside
10. Want to go back to England
11. Want to lose pounds not gain them like I am...

1. Two things you're good at?
Drawing and talking shit

2. What do you think of tanning salons (solariums)?
I think they're a horrid thing, they add the risk of melanoma by so many percents I think they should be banned.

3. Do you take a receipt at the grocer's?
Yes, usually

4. Would you rather have a minipig or a minisheep?
Sheep, I love sheep! But I love piggies too...no sheep. Sheep.

5. What do you usually have for an evening snack?
Nothing, don't snack after dinner.

6. Panda or chimp?
Panda, I prefer something not close to humans.

7. Train or bus?
Trains all the way! I love trains <3

8. What's the best thing about winter?

9. Do you rather shower during the morning or the evening? Or maybe during the day?
Now that it's winter I don't really want to shower at all, it's way too cold. Otherwise any time of the day is good, but evenings are nice because then you're really fresh and clean under blankets!

10. Do you read any magazines?

11. What's a beautiful person in your opinion?
A person.

My questions for the next person:
1. Where have you travelled?
2. Where would you like to go if you'd like to go somewhere?
3. Do you like cats or dogs or both?
4. Coffee or tea?
5. What do you think about contraceptive pills?
6. Rain or snow?
7. Do you ever ice skate?
8. Have you ever seen a bird of paradise?
9. Have you ever gone to the opera?
10. Would you like going to the opera?
11. What's the one thing you couldn't live without?

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