My Tattoos - the few of them

I only have four tattoos thus far, but I was requested to do this post and I do agree, it's a good idea to write about them. Especially since I'm not even close to having all the tattoos I want to have and will get at some point.
But first the ones I do have. The first tattoo I got was when I had just about turned 19, it's a small gekko on my left foot. And no, it's not just a random gekko that everybody gets, I really do like gekkos enough to want to have one on me for the rest of my life. They're lovely little things! And yes, it did hurt to get it, but no it wasn't too bad.

The second tattoos I got were the two skulls, one has "infinity" on the banner and the other "ecc 3:1". I got them half a year after the gekko and am still absolutely in love with them. Firstly, I like skulls. Big surprise. Also, it's a small memorandum for my mother who passed away in 2008. The 3rd chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes was read in her memorial service: "A time for everything, a moment  for every activity under heaven".

The third tattoo I got last May right after I got sort of cleared of cancer, thought it was the best time for me to get them since I wasn't all too immunocompromised (I am as a fact immunocompromised all the time because I'm a transplant patient, but then it wasn't as harsh as normally). It's a filigree tattoo with a skeleton of a Goa'uld symbiote running through it. This one, as well as the other tattoos I drew myself, but this one I didn't allow to be modified at all before tattooing, so this one's all on me. And I'm a huge Stargate fan, ever since I was little, so I think it's only suitable that I have Cleo on me all the time.

The next tattoos I'm going to get are the crest of my home town Sipoo, and the symbol for JRR Tolkien. Possibly also a small text with his Elvish version of the Lord's Prayer (Átaremma i ëa pell' ëa, na aïre esselya).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I'd love to hear thoughts about my tattoos!

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