Today's thoughts, some shopping and some hospital stuff

Sorry for being so quiet today, I just didn't have the time to write anything thus far. I spent the entire morning in hospital for an ultrasound of my throat and jawline, because of the pains I've had there, and it turns out that on the side that it hurts my lymph node is over 1 cm big! That's bleeding enormous! And no wonder it hurts.
And I got to talk to the pain doctor and psychiatrist and everything's in order as far as that's concerned, I'm allowed to take more of the painkillers I have (Neurontin) and I get to take my normal double dose of the 10 mg Cipralex anti-depressants. So all fun and games in possible lymphoma land!

Then I went to do some Christmas shopping, bought prezzies for my family (dad and gran) but other than that all it was was a huge amount of "Oh my Goood, could you PLEASE move out of my way" and "Oh please Lord just let the Apocalypse start" while waiting in queues and standing around and I was dead tired after getting back from Helsinki, but we still had to go to two stores and R-Kioski, so I had no chance of going to sleep, plus I drove us home, since dad had difficulty driving, so that was horrible.

Thankfully what awaited me today in the mail was a packet from MakeUpStore and YvesRocher:

Oh and our Bernese puppy (1,5 years) ate my favourite beanie. Here a few pictures of a freezing me with it on:

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