Stretch marks - a tiger earning her stripes

Now remember I told you about that Palmer's Stretch Mark cream I had bought in Boots in Gatwick airport? Now here's what I think: it's super. It doesn't take your marks away, it doesn't really hide them, but they feel a lot less thin. The thin skin really tends to look like cellulite from afar, so it's really nice to notice, that now my stretch marks are actually starting to look like stretch marks and not like cellulite.

I don't mind having my scars. I think scars tell about a life lived. I can't get them off, I don't want to hide them. But I've always hated it that they seem to ruin my skin when look from a distance. And people don't know how I got them, they assume I just got fat by eating. Sure I did that too, but I got the stretch marks a lot earlier due to heavy treatment with cortisone. So... here's some inspiration for all you stretch marked out there, and believe in yourselves goddarnit!

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