Outfit of the Day 7.12.2013

So today I was wearing basically what I wear every bleeding day these days, since it's so cold here. At least I think it's so very cold. Which is actually good, 'cause it makes me want to move more and run around the table and stuff like that, so in that way yeah, good.
But I hate freezing, so I wear like four layers of clothing. Today I had on a turtle neck woolly shirt from my dad, my dad's old army uniform under shirt (which for me is a dress) and his army woolly pullover I told you about yesterday. It's like 50 years old now and in perfect condition!

Also I wear my pink beanie and my black scarf most of the time, for these pictures I skipped the scarf and took the hat off at some point, but still...I wear those. And the belt is an old army belt as well, got it here in Finland.

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