100th blog post and some of my favourite lipsticks and glosses

Now I know this is a bit of a weirdo thing to do for a hundreth post, but I won't care, refuse to, point blank!
Also, sorry for the lack of selfies, and even more apologies for the quality of these, I've been seriously freezing my ass off here for the past week and wear four layers of thick woolly shirts and scarf around my head and neck AND a hat. A bright pink one. Love neon colours!

So here are some of my lipsticks and lipglosses in an orderly fashion, and the ones I'll be showing you:

1.Nude 2.Gold that turns carmine red 3.Pink 4.Red 5.Sparkly violet 6.Pinkblue gloss 7.Plum gloss 8.Bright pink gloss

And here come the selfies of the lipsticks and the three glosses shown. Some of them don't show as well as others (like the almost white lipgloss in the picture is actually a pink with a very clear blue shimmer to it that doesn't show on camera). I'll try to place these in order:

I really do look ridiculous in my not-quite-freezing-to-death-outfit. It's like a neon pink winterland revolutionary!


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