Some more or less scene t-shirts

So I know people have this weird attitude against anyone who's emo - in any way or form. Even more than say, against metalheads or goths or punks. Why?
Are you jealous?
No, I doubt it, jealousy isn't always the answer to everything. But it does give a slight hint. What's the thing about emo that annoys the most? The ridiculous idea that only a suicidal maniac with tendencies for horrible amounts of selfies can be emo - or scene queens and guys and whatever.
It is annoying.
But it isn't really emo.
And most "emo" bands are just alternative rock. I like alternative rock. It sometimes crosses paths with screamo, sometimes with punk (I love hc punk btw) and sometimes with pop, but it's all okay. Everything is mostly all okay, just as long as it doesn't harm others. Music doesn't harm people - people do. So if you're one of those condescending "I hate emos" kind of person - look in the mirror - are you really a good person?

Here's some (huge amount of) pictures of some cool t-shirts, some more or less emo or scene, and some pretty emo guys and girls:

Oh and if you didn't notice - I have a huge love affair with Leda Muir. She's the cutest thing e v e r.

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