Still in here and no way out

So I'm still in hospital, my arm is swollen and painful, noth my legs from under my knees aare so swollen and painful that I can barely walk even though I'm using a cane.
They took a blood culture now, they're affraid (and I sm too) that I might have sepsis or bloodpoisoning for those who don't know.

I have a new IV line in the right hand (since I can't use it anyways) and will get a new course of antibiotics.

This fucking sucks.


  1. Aw, that really sucks! Sending good thoughts for a quick healing!

  2. This more than sucks. I'm going cold just thinking of you being in hospital with this...
    I SO hope that the new course of antibiotics begins to kick the whatever-it-is into shape.
    I hate IVs. I know they're necessary, I know they are medically brilliant life-saving, wonder-dispensers but it doesn't stop me hating the feel of them... Sending you thoughts of strength and thoughts of fripperies and frivolous things to take your mind and imagination elsewhere and out of that hospital bed temporarily.

    1. Oh god I love you <3 I had the most dreadful day and your comment really came to use!