Many shades of green

I really want my green hair back, bbut I was thinking some ombre or other effect with bright greens and dark greens. Any tips how I could get that done?



  1. Hm. How about using the same straight dye colour, but dividing your hair and letting the darker portion absorb the dye for 10-15 min longer? I have no actual idea whether stuff like this works. The only time I had green hair was a bit accidental, so I really respect you for choosing such a vibrant statement colour! :>
    Oh, and I tagged you to a challenge in my blog! Feel free to participate or not, however you like. ♥ http://blackcustard.blogspot.fi/2014/11/autumn-hearts.html

    1. I was actually thinking of getting two shades of green aand one blue and then try and do some ombre effect or similar!

  2. Green is a gorgeous colour, I have really been into green recently. My scalp hates bleach though so it has to stay natural for a while!