Halloween in Aurora

Nothing special happened during Halloween here - same old same old. I had a CT scan which showed nothing out of the ordinary, I saw a psychiatric nurse and maybe will get some better anxiety meds, and I got to talk to a neurologist about my painkillers which he told them to up the doses (fantastic) and switch the oral liquid oxynorm to IM oksanest, which helps way more.

Went to a mass on Thursday qn got tto talk to a priest too, but I told her that since I'm converting to catholicism, I can always ask help from father M. But it was real sweet of her to come and I wouldn't mind talking to her again. She was lovely and chatting to her was really nice.

I've also bonded with my two roommates - both retired and Mar is the most awesome roommate, the other one is real sweet towards us, but is a huge racist. It's so annoying. She's so smart and still stupid enough to hate someone just cause their culture is different. I hope that with enough brainwashing from me and Mar, she'll better her ways a bitt. Plus she likes my dad though he's a foreigner.

I hope someone comes to give me those painkillers soon, already been 25 minutes since I asked. Oh well, hospitals right?

I just love these jars!


  1. I hope you get your painkillers soon! My Halloween was pretty uneventful too, but at least I got some colour on my tattoo! I hope you can show the racist room mate how to turn her views around, some people grow up being told these things by family and just believe them, although it still makes me angry.

    1. I got my painkillers, but I always have to wait around five hours for the next dose, regarrdless of pain llevels, so yay. I get it though, so it's no prob.
      I'm trying! I think it might be working, but she seems rerally stubborn, so might not go through really