It's really just a beautiful day to day, isn't it?

Correction: I was supposed to post this last week, so sorry about that.

The sunshine really makes up for the cool air, it snowed a bit today as well, and that was far from comfortable. Plus my dad took some photos of me, which was sweet, he usually refuses.
And I had my German midterm today which was awful, I suck at grammar....hope to get some patience to sit down and study at some point, too much laziness and not a long enough attention span to do that yet...

I ordered a few things on the weekend, and really can't wait to get them! Ordered two BMTH t-shirts, really really excited about them (way more excited than one should be about t-shirts) and a bunch of needles and piercing jewellery - I am so getting my septum and labret back! Just miss my piercings so so much. And my nose is definitely healed now, no lumps or anything, so doing another hole there shouldn't be a big problem.


  1. I love the light in the last one! Hope you are doing better now!

    1. The light was really beautiful that day! It's the same day I took photos of Billie! I am doing better now, the swelling's almost gone and the pain is being managed so no prob.