Just one more week!

I am starting to get really really nervous now.
In exactly one week my uni starts. In six days I have my Swedish exam. I am terrified.

Also I'll need to find myself a new calendar since  I doubt the new uni gives one for free. I hate this, I loved my old uni calendar! Anyway, I am excited though in a way, finally I'll have something else to do than just lie around doing nothing, but other than that, I am pissed. Why?
Because my busroutes have changed completely.

A. My busses do not go where they used to go.
B. All early morning and evening routes have been cancelled, meaning that I will have to go a 15 km detour above my 40 km normal route to actually get where I want to.
C. I will have to use three different connections each morning to get to uni because I can't take a bus from my house to Helsinki. There is not even a bus from my house to the place where the busses to Kerava go. So - I will have to get my dad to drive my to a Kerava bus, then go to  Kerava (15 km), then take the train into the city. Before this enormous change I had ONE bus from MY HOUSE to HELSINKI. Direct route. Which was FULL every effing morning! So they don't even have the right to go saying "well not enough people used that route" cause it's BS.

So I'm annoyed.

Here's cute food.


  1. I love the cute food! Hope to photograph some when I finally go to Japan!

    Good luck with uni and everything!

    1. Ohhh you get to go to Japan? :D sooo jealous.
      Thank you!