Today's Thoughts on early mornings and photoshoots

I just had my entrance exam yesterday and I'm pretty happy about how it went down, at least the one on one interview went really well in my opinion, but we'll see in July if it went well enough!
Today it's been a long day already since Billie decided to wake up at five so I couldn't just sleep, so I woke up and here I am.
I've been trying to catch up on blogging and I did another short Youtube video (the TMI tag) and hopefully my Easter is going to be lovely!
I'm home alone now since dad's spending his Easter in Switzerland, and I'm kinda enjoying this peace and quiet. I have all kinds of things lined up - I have a photoshoot coming up with JBM and I'm going to be doing some photography myself (thought why not, if I can stand in front of a camera, I can probably learn to stand behind it too!)

Photos taken by Jukka Jalkanen