Today's thoughts of the coming weekend and shopping

My plans for the weekend went bust because of J being sick, which sucks and I hope he gets better soon! We were going to go to a party together, to see some old friends, but now that's not happening, so I have the weekend all to myself, and have no idea what to do.

Today we went shopping with my dad - which was a good idea, since now I have a few really cheap plain t-shirts I can DIY somehow during the weekend, so I don't get too bored, 'cause when I'm bored I tend to get really depressed and I don't want to. I doubt anybody wants to, that would really be insane.

I'm doing a lot better though otherwise. I think the painkillers are really working or then my viruswhatever is slowly leaving my body and making my lymph nodes small again. At least I can eat and drink again without having a constant pain in my mouth. Also I hear my teeth xray was great and there's absolutely nothing wrong with my wisdom teeth, which is good, I like having them, which may be weird since they are just random extra teeth, but still.

Hyperactive again today, one of the reasons why I woke my dad up at 6 am and asked if we could go shopping later (10 am). He wasn't very enthusiastic in the beginning....
Billie's hyper again too, really talkative. She's the most talkative bernese we've ever had - constant sound coming out of her. She sounds like a cat sometimes. It's really weird and really cute at the same time.

I've been keeping busy with Fitocracy every day. I love the thing. I've been logging in around a thousand points every day that I've worked out and it's  fantastic. I could do more, but I think I shouldn't overdo it in the beginning. Maybe later.

Also I'm saving up for a tattoo, so maybe at some point I'll get my fifth tattoo. Don't know yet which one I'll get first, it depends on the price really, but I'm going to go see my tattooist in Hyvinkää at some point to discuss the matter. First I do need to get to Hyvinkää and I don't really like going that way.

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