Today's thoughts and grans

My day started as well as a day could, I felt good, I cleaned a bit, I did my Fitocracy even though it's technically my rest day. And all the while I just felt really good and quite happy.
I've been chatting to random people again too, which is always nice getting to know people from all over the world, and I feel like writing letters again - I've been a terrible penpal for the last year.

But then came my gran. For the last four hours I've felt as dreadful as I could under the circumstances, and I hate it. I hate her ruining my day. I had everything carefully planned and I know this is all really childish because I should be happy and I'm lucky to have a gran and everything and it's her birthday, but she just is capable of pushing exactly the buttons to piss the hell out of me.

Anyway I'm going to head off to my room and do some more random cleaning and organising, make me do something to keep my mind off of my gran. Off of all the negative things in my life and concentrate on something useful. I have some ideas for my room so I'll have to check them out as well, I think I'm going to replan some of it!

All photos are from Tumblr.

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