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I got tagged by the lovely Mizzie-Me from http://musicandmymind.blogspot.fi/ to ask my bookshelf these following questions and answering them with a title of a book.

1. Are you a man or a woman?
A Woman of No Importance

2. Describe yourself
Jacques the Fatalist and his Master

3. What does life mean to you?
Tales of Mystery and Imagination

4. How are you doing?
Very good, Jeeves

5. Describe your current home
Blackwood Farm

6. Where would you like to travel?
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

7. Describe your best friend
The Three Musketeers

8. What is your favourite colour?
Black Beauty

9. What is the weather like now?
Les Misérables

10. What is the best season in your opinion?
A Midsummer Night's Dream

11. If your life was a tv series, what would it be called?
Yorkshire stories

12. What is your (romantic) relationship like?
The Man in the  Iron Mask

13. What are you afraid of?
Clavis Latina

14. Aphorism for the day
So long and thanks for all the fish

15. What advice would you like to give?
The Catechism

16. How would you prefer to die?
Apocalypse Cow

ALL YOU READERS ARE NOW TAGGED! Do this, this is SO awesome!

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