30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 10 and 11 Childhood Memory and Something Blue

I'm doing a double post this time, because I'm not sure if I'm able to be online that much tomorrow. I need a day of rest every once in a while.

My childhood memory is my Little Fox (I named it that) which I've had since I was a year old, love the thing to pieces which is why it looks so crummy these days! (S)he's been by my side for all my life and through all my hospitalisations and everything. Even in the operating theatre when I got my new heart! Had a hospital mask on and everything!

For something blue I wore my dad's dark blue shirt since I don't really have anything blue, I don't like the colour that much. I also took photos of a plaything for Billie which she's now completely destroyed! You can try guessing what it used to be!

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