TAG: 11 more things about me!

Rules of the Tag:
1. Tell 11 things about you
2. Answer the 11 questions from the tagger
3. Invent 11 new questions for the tagged
4. Choose 11 blogs with less than 200 readers to tag
5. Tell them they’ve been tagged
6. Tell who tagged you, no tagbacks

I was tagged by Merituuli Mau from http://elaminen-on-mahtii.blogspot.fi/

11 things about me:
1. I drink a lot of coffee these days
2. I can eat a lot of diazepam and it has almost no effect on me
3. I used to smoke regularly for about two months
4. I’m really hyperactive right now
5. I wish it was summer
6. I’m addicted to Fitocracy
7. I have a horrible craving for sugar all the time
8. I love my labret
9. I let our dog sleep on my bed and she’s a big dog…
10. I love driving
11. I can’t stand Rn’B

11 Questions to me:
1. How would you spend your next Midsummer?
- Hopefully with some good friends and a  whole lot of booze
2. How do you think the apocalypse will happen?
- Nuclear war
3. Do you have any antiques?
-Yes, but I won’t tell about them
4. What makes you sad?
-A lot of different things, I get really empathic sometimes
5. What about happy?
-When things are going good with my dad and our  dog
6. What would you be like if you were of the opposite gender?
- The same as now – really loud and with a gorey sense of humour!
7. What would you ideal partner’s humour be like?
- As close to mine as possible, I tend to rate possible partners with this standard
8. If you went partying, what music would be played?
- EBM, alternative rock or some nostalgic early 2000s music
9. If you could create a video game, what would you create?
- An adventure game with side scrolling 2D graphics – like Mario
10. What would your dream place to live in?
- Rich life in California----no, just a simple house somewhere in Switzerland
11. What’s your favourite season?
- Spring, when everything comes alive and it’s not too cold and not too hot

11 Questions from me:
1. Are you prepared for the apocalypse?
2. Do you think zombies are a possibility?
3. What animal do you hate?
4. Do you like the feeling of a bass sound running through your body?
5. Have you ever been electroshocked?
6. Have you ever been depressed?
7. Are you an addict of something?
8. What kind of a house do you live in?
9. Would you like gardening?
10. Do you have a youtube account, if yes, what is it?
11. Do you live above your means? 

I am again not tagging anyone in particular, you can choose to tag yourselves and do this if you'd like to! Happy answering!

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