Disney TAG: All my favourite Disney songs

Janina from Wish To Be A Mermaid started this tag about Disney and I couldn't wait to do something in it! I just love Disney movies, really grew up with them (the German versions) and since then have just kept my passion for Disney.

1. What is your favourite Disney Film

2. Do you still remember what Disney film you saw first?
 No I don’t think I do, I was so young, but I think it might have been Snow White

3. What character is your favourite?
 Maid Marianne from Robin Hood, but I have many characters that mean a lot to me

4. What’s your favourite bad guy?
Scar from the Lion King, definitely – he’s awesome

5. What’s your favourite dream couple?
Jasmin and Aladdin of course

6. What Disney story would you like to play out and what character would you be?
Aristocats and I’d love to be Thomas O’Malley

7. What Disney songs are your favourites?
See the top 10 down below!

8. What’s your favourite quote?
“Selbst feine Leute woll'n sich mal
vom Zwang befrei'n und würden
liebend gern ein Kätzchen sein.” 
From the German version of Everybody Wants to be a Cat of  Aristocats

9. What Disney items do you own?
I don’t own any Disney items unfortunately – I’m hoping on getting something like a t-shirt or a top at some point!

10. What else would you like to own?
See number 9.

11. Old Disney movies or new?
Old. I’m a fan of the old style, but I have nothing against the new ones per se, they’re just not as nostalgic as the old ones seeing as I grew up with the old ones.

I've already done a similar post, I know, but this time I'll post 10 of my favourite Disney songs and all of them will be in German since I really prefer them over the original English or the horrid horrid Finnish ones.


  1. Oh, ich liebe Disney )
    DIe Filme schaue ich mir noch heute gerne an :)

    Svetlana von Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  2. Danke für deine teilnahme :) wirst gleich verlinkt ;) ich find es spannend die fragen bei anderen zu lesen :))

    Wegen dem virusprogramm...also er schlägt bei meinem leppi aus :/ sagt iwie nur das sie Seite unsicher ist oder so...von den alarm bekommr man schon panik ^^ verstehen tu ich es aber nicht. Hat der wie gesagt auch schon bei anderen...nur bei bestimmten post.

    lieben Gruß, Janina

    1. Ganz komisch...hoffe es erklärt sich irgendwie irgendwann!