Today's thoughts on life and driving

So today has been quite an eventful one. First of all, I woke up at my usual time, around sevenish in the morning, but didn't expect that after two seconds the lights would go out. No electricity for over an hour, so we spent the morning with my dad staring at each other by the kitchen table and not really knowing what to do.
I lit up some candles and started reading, but my dad's eyes aren't as young as mine, so he had nothing to do whatsoever, so we decided to just skip the whole breakfast thing and sleep instead. I didn't sleep, I just sat on my new bed and started doing some of them home workouts. I have some weights as well in my room so I just played a boxer with them in my hands. My arms are already a bit sore.

Then the power came back on, but we went and skipped the whole breakfast thing again and instead went to the post office, the store, another post office, my grans for breakfast, the bank and the computer shop where my dad picked up his new computer! His old one is sort of dying...

Then when were on our way back, I suggested we take our bernese and go to Porvoo to Eurokangas to buy some fabrics. Eurokangas is a fabric store. My dad wasn't very happy with the idea, but came around to it anyways. So I bought some 9 metres of faux velvet and some 3 metres of velvety lycra.

And all this time I drove. I never drive. But these last few weeks of being  home, I've started to ask my dad if I could drive our car, because I think I need to learn how to drive with it (it's big and bulky and I don't like driving big cars) since we don't know if my dad's condition is going to worsen by the years. I mean, he is already almost seventy and he might have a neurological thing like ALS or MS and I don't even want to think of it, but I need to because I want to be there to help. So I need to learn how to drive (got my license like four years ago though...).

Anyway, long day, and now I'm bleaching my hair the second time around, let's see how that turns out! Maybe I'll post some green pictures later tonight!

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