Theme Day: All Things Walt Disney

Walt Disney or Walter Elias Disney was one of the most popular figures in history since his animation team and company created so many different and unbelieavable and yet so fascinating worlds that people all around the world got together and watched his and his teams handiwork in practice.
Walt Disney at the premiere of Mary Poppins in 1937

Disney was born in 1901 and died at exactly 65 years  of age on December the 5th 1966, but his works lived on to be known in almost every household I imagine.
Imagination is  what was and still is Disney, all the different worlds and characters pull us into them and make us love something both possible and impossible and enjoy the love that seems to tie everything together. Love.

Walt Disney will forever be missed, but thankfully his handiwork still lives on and we can enjoy the multitude of animations and characters!

Copyright NASA. Walt Disney in 1954

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