Now that the party is over...

...I don't really know what to do with myself. My throat hurts again, the lymph node is huge, and I can't do anything about it for more than three days. So yay.
I really don't feel festive, just tired now. Everything's done and nothing more to be done, and I'm supposed to give up sitting here and go lie down with my bf/ex, but I feel like being on the internet. I know he'd take it the wrong way, and I don't want to scare him off everytime he visits. I like it when he visits, he's the perfect gentleman and absolutely quiet most of the time. It's a pleasure just sitting near him not having to say a word, since he's a quiet sort of guy.

Anyway, I should go read a book with  him or something, so. Here's some snowflakes for y'all.

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