Day VIII: Getting ready with Christmas presents

There's loads of Christmas presents I need to buy this year for friends and family, but that's not something I'm going to be talking to you about now. I'm going to talk to you about the things I'd like to get myself this year. I'm sick, so feel like I can be a tad egotistic for a second and just let out all the stuff I'd write on my list to dear Santa.

So first one goes here:

My Samsung Galaxy XCover broke. Well, it didn't really break. It still works, somewhat. And by somewhat I mean, it works as a computer, but it doesn't want to work as a phone anymore. It refuses to call people, it refuses to send text messages, I need to retryretryretryretry oh and restartrestartrestartrestart and still nothing. I can answer phone calls and I receive messages, but nothing goes out. The best part? Nobody can fix it. Well not without me paying as much as for a new phone seeing as my warranty just expired.
Also I noticed it's not just my problem, others have complained about it too, so I'm not going to be getting a Samsung anymore. I did like my phone, that's not the problem, but I'd like a Nokia this time.

Nokia Lumia 720

Second one:

I sold my bed. First I switched bedrooms with my dad, because I didn't like my room and never slept there, I slept on the downstairs couch! So as a random idea my dad said "Well would you sleep in my room if it was yours?" and that brought to us switching rooms completely. My dad now sleeps in my old room in a nice new bed with loads and loads of space for stuff he hasn't got. And I sleep in a slightly smaller room with no bed, with a small mattress and loads and loads of stuff with no room to put them to. And I am so much happier now! I feel like a new person. I sleep so much better in that room! It's unbelievable, but awesome. So anyway I do need a bed. And since I'm really an adult now, I'd like a bed that two people can fit into, but since I rarely have overnight guests, I was thinking of a bed that could work as a single and a double. And I found the perfect one from Ikea:

Ikea Brimnes guest bed: single and double beds with additional storage space!

Third is a few items of clothing, the dress I really don't need, but the jeans I do need, since my black jeans are starting to wear off into nothingness because I wear them really all the time.

Cornelia highwaisted twills
Ellos plum dress

 And then (if we don't count hundreds of books I will not list here) for the last, some wonderful new eyeshadows from Geek Chic Cosmetics!
Kind of like these (from top down and left to right colours are "You better hope I'm dead", "Inevitable betrayal", "Bad wolf" and "You Know Who")

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