Trigger Warning: Fitspo Ahead

I know some of my readers are battleing with eating disorders, so that's why there's a trigger warning. I hope you don't get offended by this post, or the posts that will come later, but this is something I need to keep myself under control. I have never suffered an eating disorder and these pictures won't make me get one, but they will help me to remember my goal of eating healthy and working out.
For some of you they may be the epitomy of anorexia, but for me they're just a small reminder that I am nowhere near my goal of a healthy and fit weight. I don't plan on getting underweight, I doubt for that would even be possible, but if I only look at happy chubby girls on the internet I don't find the same inspiration as I do seeing someone that has visible abs and a nice bottom.

So sorry for those who can't handle this, but this is my blog and I will run it accordingly. So if you are sensitive to the imagery do not proceed further. You have been warned. Okay? Good.

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