Today's thoughts on past photoshoot and unnecessary insecurities

So there was no reason for me to be so nervous about the photoshoot, it went as perfectly as I ever could've hoped for and the photographer was lovely. Such a sweet person. And even though I felt like I nearly froze to death (my idea to waltz around in skimpy dresses mid-winter) it seemed like an absolutely wonderful photoshoot and there were some beautiful pictures taken.
Not only nice but he had a real 50s plate camera so I really got myself filmed!

I don't know why I feel so insecure all the time, I have no reason to really. I should just be happy of the person I am, and just go with the flow. It's worked for me thus far, why wouldn't it work from now on out? It's so stupid how the human mind  creates these horror scenarios without actual cause for any of them. It's ridiculous like I said before.

Now I'm just sitting here, trying my hardest to get warm again and then I'm going to spend the rest of the day making more cabochons and maybe playing some Sims. Just a lovely relaxing day of rest. I love these kinds of days when I really don't have to do anything, I can just be and enjoy myself and life in general. Contemplate on the finer things in life!

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