Manly Eyeshadow Review part 3/4

Now we're going through the top three of the lower section - so the two blues and the one green line

I was impressed enough by the two top lines, since the colours are relatively easy to separate from each other and they go on really well. They also keep very well and stick to the skin which would suggest that they don't fade to easily.

The bottom green line however was a disappointment in sorts, the first colours are clearly not visible, which is a shame because they are beautiful yellowy green on the palette and would be great in use - if they'd show properly.


  1. Upea paletti! On siinä väreissä valinnanvaraa:)

    1. Kiitos ja todellakin! Ei koskaan tiedä mistä aloittaa! Siksi teinkin tämän reviewn, että saisin paremmin selville mitä värejä kannattaa käyttää ja mitkä ovat turhia! ^^