Liebster Award!

You can only be a part of this if you answer the 11 questions I have for you. And you have to tag 11 other bloggers that you ask 11 new questions from. The 11 blogs have to be blogs with under 200 readers. The idea of the Liebster award is that it’s a chain letter for new blogs!

My Answers to Riekje's questions from http://imagesfromacat.blogspot.de/

1. What would you hope for if you had three wishes?
- I'm boring: health, health for my dad and money 

2. What do you prefer to wear to bed?
- Nothing whatsoever 

3. What movie character would you like to be the most?
- A bad guy in a James Bond movie or Vala Maldoran in SG-1! 

4. What was the weirdest/most embarrassing dream you ever had?
- ....in one dream I had sex with a teacher I don't even fancy. 

5. Skirt or trousers?
- Skirt, but I do wear trousers more often in the winter 

6. What crazy thing would you like to do but don’t dare?
- Bunjee jumping! I hate heights, but I love jumping! 

7. You have the ability to choose whatever to wear and have for a photoshoot and free choice of location, what and where would you have it, what kind of photoshoot would it be?
- Bikinishoot with loads of jewellery in a beautiful beach somewhere in Hawaii or Fidji <3 

8. You’re on your way and your trousers rip in the butt, how do you react?
- I'd be so totally embarrassed that I'd just hold my bag over the rip and walk as quickly as possible to buy new trousers - even if I had no money... 

9. If you had the time and energy would you like to learn to play an instrument or speak a language, if so what?
- Cello and Icelandic 

10. If you were sort of flirting with a guy on the train, how would you try and find them if they left before you had time to make more than just eye contact?
- I'd try the obvious google search, but most likely it would end up in me stalking trains to find the same guy again at some point! I'm a huge stalker... 

11. If you had to “give up” one of your senses, which would it be?
- I know I have to choose one now, but I hope to God this never happens: my hearing, since I have bad hearing already.

My Questions:
1. What would you do if you had 10 000 euros?
2. If you could, would you have a fox or wolf as a pet?
3. Would you have a tiger or a cheetah as a pet?
4. Are you vegan?
5. Would you ever consider becoming vegan?
6. Do you have natural colour in your hair or have you dyed it?
7. Do you have pierced earlobes?
8. Would you like piercings and if so what?
9. What’s your favourite literary figure (writer, character, etc)?
10. Who do you think should win the Nobel Peace Prize next?
11. Do you love someone?

As I don’t follow that many blogs under 200 readers and have already once done this tag, I will now tag ANYONE who reads this and wants to answer my questions! If you have already done it – do it again!
I will however tag one person in particular – my very good friend Mizzie-Me at http://musicandmymind.blogspot.fi/


  1. Danke Franziska :) ! Ich hoffe es hat auch etwas spaß gebracht!

    1. Hat mir sehr spass gebracht, deine fragen sind super zum antworten gewesen!