We're all mad here and troubled with men

Excuse me for the slightly misdirecting title, it's just for obvious advertising purposes. I am not exactly troubled with or by men, but one man in particular and that's my boyfriend. I love him, can't live without him, and I know the same is true for him, but we just can't live with each other.
We haven't moved in with each other or anything, just visiting is too strainful for us. Last time it was the long hours he spent at work that drove me nearly insane, but now it's my medicine that makes me so sleepy that I take like 6 hours' naps every day and am usually sort of falling asleep that are making him behave as though I've really insulted him somehow.

He promised he'd stay for Christmas, and if he'd leave tomorrow morning, that he'd be back for Christmas, but if he goes....I actually doubt he'll come for Christmas.
I've tried suggesting things to do tomorrow, because I know the anger comes from boredom, but he's refusing all those too, so I know he's going to go home tomorrow. And I know he isn't coming back.

So that's probably it again for our relationship, we love each other but we just can't stand being around each other enough that it'd make a difference if we were in a relationship or not. It's not like there's any....you know what I mean.

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