The first advent, candles and good food, singing and rejoicing, and oh that calendar...

So today is really the first of advent, which for me alone is something pretty big, since I do feel myself as a christian, or more specifically catholic. I'm not in any church at the moment, it's way too big of a hassle to join them, not to mention I've never liked the dogmatism of the church system. I believe in the fundamental things that define catholicism from protestants, and that's the choice.

You have a choice to sin and to go to hell, or to not sin and not go to hell. In any protestant religion, though you may have been taught different just to keep you believing, you don't have that choice. A Lutheran will wait forever in purgatory for the "final reckoning" and then go to heaven, while all others are either sent to hell or to heaven, doesn't matter what you do.
So. I don't want to be in heaven with a bunch of lunatics, I'd rather go to hell as a bad catholic and spend my time there with all those lunatics.

Anyway, for my dad, this time means nothing, I think he's probably atheist or just doesn't give a shit. He doesn't give a shit of most that sort of religious mumbo jumbo stuff, so it's advent just for me.

We went to Gigantti today to buy me that new phone (it's charging right now, I hope it works), and I'm really really excited about it. I've never had a Windows phone (well not exactly a Windows phone since it's Nokia, but still Windows) and am quite unsure if I'll learn how to use it. My Samsung was so simple to use, I think anyone or even some things could use it.
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. Dadumdadumda. Also bought a yellow cover for it, will buy a better one at some point. Bought some lense safety thingies, but they sucked, those "peel off before use" and "peel off after use" neither would peel off at any time. Yes, going to complain to them, most definitely. It's ten euros I just can't afford to throw away like that.

We also went to IKEA and got me a really heavy and thick blanket, since I only have like thin summer ones and I am freezing to death in my bed. I have four different blankets, all of which are warm and I slept with my clothes on. I was coooooolddd. So got a better blanket, maybe I don't need all those clothes anymore.

I also got to open the first window in my advent calendar. I never buy one since I get one for free from the Donald Duck I subscribe to. Yes, I subscribe Donald Duck. I love them. Absolutely LOVE  them. Can't get enough. Before I thought of my career change path, I was going to do my MA thesis on Donald Duck. So yeah, I love them. And so should you! *glare*
Also, for the advent, I decided we'll eat those waaaay too long in the freezer been venison steaks, so today we're eating venison! I've actually never had a venison steak before.

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