Some selfies from my birthday party yesterday!

So I had my birthday yesterday, became 23 years old, and had three friends over to celebrate. We raided our liquer cabinet and then everybody realised, that when you come to my place, there's no need to bring your own drinks! We had Pople, Tequila, Rhum, Jelloshots and Absinthe.

It was    a w e s o m e     to say the least, and it was my first B-day party for like 10 years. I've never been very popular, so I haven't wanted to hold parties like that, but now I decided against my anti-social attitudes and had some real fun with some really really good friends!

Here are some pictures that were taken of me in our second, bigger and much warmer living room:


  1. Aws oot ihana! Varsinkin noi kaks alinta. <3

    Mvh, Tiia. :3

    1. Musta toi missä sun käsi heiluu vieressä on ihan mahti :D <3

  2. Happy birthday to you! Hope you had a lot of fun. I usually like to celebrate at home as well, but this time around I was actually thinking of doing it in one of the LA event venues to invite all of my friends. Hopefully I’ll find a good one.