Starting over and leaving this ward and this hospital

(Hopefully for quite some time too).

Even though I was in extreme pain, and am still on really heavy painkillers even now, I do feel a lot better. I'm having less pain issues, and fewer panic attacks. (Though at the point I started writing this I had just had a panic attack about fifteen minutes ago). Now never mind that, because I have, all things considering, had a rather good experience here. The dctors are wonderful, the nurses lovely and all the rest of the workers are fantastic as well. So I can't really complain. I can complain about my symptoms but not of my treatment.

I'm getting psychiatric help as well, which at this point in my life, feels absolutely necessary and I don't know how to thank everybody. I may have to come back at some point and bring some Christmas presents!

From now on, I won't be counting days, so you won't see me writing Day something on the post line, I will write smething else. Because I haveno point of writing at home while counting days.It's my home, I don't count days of being there, I just enjoy them.

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