Photos XVI: Rose tattoos

After the previous photopost I did, with the tattooed thinspiration, I felt I really have to do one with just tattoos, because like I said, I love tattoos. I think I've always loved them, since I was little, but I knew my parents hated them so I rarely talked about them. Now as I said, I have four, and I plans for about eight new ones. And I don't mean some really quickly thought ideas that I'll never get done, no, I have plans for eight tattoos and I've been thinking of them all for years now. So I will definitely get them done, and am quite sure, I won't regret them. Just need to keep them easily coverable, that's all.

Now this time I decided on roses for the theme because they're one of my favourite flowers. I love almost all flowers, even if you might not guess it, I quite a nature person, especially for cottage gardens and small dainty woods (forests), sort of the epitomy of English countryside, but my absolute favourite flowers are roses, lilies and foxgloves.
Also my second name means lily or rose in Hebrew.

I love this idea for rose tattoos

A bit of different approach to the b asic Alice in Wonderland tattoo - awesome!

My absolute favourite! I just ADORE the lace here!

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